Big Power

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The Yonkers Power Station of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad was constructed between 1904 and 1906. It was built as part of the electrification of the rail lines spurred in part by dangerous conditions caused by steam engines and related smoke, and also by the need for a completely new and larger Grand Central Terminal. The brick power house and two smokestacks stand as a solitary beacon to Hudson Valley Ruins as one heads north from New York City.

The generating building is split into two sections. The turbine room in the northern half is a cavernous hall, like a great arcade of sorts, open in the middle, surrounded by walkways on the side, with light filtering in from the monitor roof above.

The south side contains the boiler chambers. The room is split into two halves, with an aisle leading to a view of the Hudson River, directly opposite the Palisades. On either side of the aisle are individual chambers, the walls of which have collapsed into large piles of brick. Small rooms at the east end were offices and bathrooms. The smokestacks and coal bins are supported well above the ground floor.